Net-Worth Update October 2015: $37,804 (+$3,195/+9.2%)

Welcome to my October’s net worth update everyone!

I am cutting really close with this one because I am going through some personal stuff lately which I will blog about at a later time.

Anyhow, on a positive note, October was an excellent month for my stocks. In fact, it was even better a couple of days ago but my holdings had dropped slightly since then. Here are my numbers:

Assets: $54,445 (+6.6%)

Cash: $10,810 (+32.8%)

  • Currently, I am still stacking up my cash position. I am considering the possibility of contributing to my RRSP or opening up a non-registered account for further investing endeavours.

TFSA: $39,944 (+2.1%)

  • My holdings in the TFSA are starting to pick up. It has been an excellent month overall and most of my stocks are starting to recover.
  • Some of the notable performers include:

RRSP: $1,315 (-7.5%)

  • For some reason, my RRSP has been dropping for a few consecutive months. It is currently composed of 50% Canadian Index, 25% US Index and 25% International Index.
  • The weakest link of all of this seems to be the Canadian Index Fund which holds the majority of the portfolio. I will look into this further.

Pension Contribution: $2,376

  • No update

Liabilities: $16,641 (+0.9%)

Student Loan: $16,190

  • Interest rate at 5.5%
  • I am seriously considering paying off this debt completely if I do not manage to find some way to lower the interest rate.

Credit Card: $451

  • My credit card spending is a little high this month because I have helped my mom pay off one of her medical bills.
  • Aside from that, the rest of the spending comes from eating out.

Total Net-Worth: ~$37,804 (+$3,195/+9.2%)

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