Net-Worth Update June 2015: $29,080 (+$1,265/+4.5%)

Welcome to June!!!

I apologize for a late release on my net-worth update this month. For some reason, I haven’t been getting much done lately financially but that is all about to change.

I did quite a bit of thinking lately and I have a new found appreciation of what personal finance is and why it is so important to me.

In any case, June is typically a slow month for stocks and it is no different in my case. This is how my numbers currently stand:

Assets: $46,496 (+2.1%)

Cash: $2,860

  • I had recently gotten a raise at work. This will give me more cash per month to invest in my stocks.

TFSA: $39,548 (+3.3%)

  • I had contributed $2,000 to my TFSA this month. This leaves me with $2,500 left of contribution room before I max it out.
  • June was a really bad performing month for my investments. Most of my holdings took a big hit with special mentions to those in the energy and financial sector.
  • My purchases in this month included additional shares in Bank of Montreal (BMO), Wal-mart Stores (WMT) and a new position in Enbridge Inc. (ENB).

RRSP: $1,712 (-9.0%)

  • At the present moment, the majority of my RRSP is configured to the Canadian Index. It holds approximately 60% of this portfolio while the other 40% is split between the US and International Index.
  • My investments in the Canadian Index took quite a hit this month and it has dipped under my original investment.
  • The US and International Index is still in the positive. I will be looking to increase my holdings in the US index once I max out my TFSA.

Pension Contribution: $2,376

  • I will update this section, every time I receive a summary from my employer. I don’t know if this will be updated again as I don’t plan on staying at my job for much longer.

Liabilities: $17,416 (-1.5%)

Student Loan: $17,091

  • Still chipping $300 away per month at an interest rate of 5.5% for loan repayment. I am in no rush to repay this but I will look into refinancing it at a lower rate.

Credit Card: $325

  • Just the typical eating out spending right here. I am also using my credit card to pay for my cable and phone bills. This section seems to be irrelevant though. I am thinking about removing it from future updates.

Total Net Worth: $29,080 (+4.5%)

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