Net Worth Update Apr 2015: $21,736 (+14.8%)

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well!

Calculating my net-worth in the middle of every month has become something that I look forward to and can’t wait to release. I guess it is easy for me to say that right now especially since I am up $2,807 or 14.8% for the month of April.

In summary, my financial and energy holdings has recovered quite nicely as of recently. However, it has been such a roller coaster for both these sectors in 2015 that I will expect it to drop again sometime before the next update. In the meantime, I will try to be grateful for another positive month.

Here are my numbers in more detail:

Assets: $39,453 (+6.61%)

Cash: $1,763 (-17.3%)

  • My cash position fell slightly from March as I contributed a big portion of it to my TFSA.

TFSA: $35,849 (+8.2%)

  • I have contributed $2,000 to my TFSA near the start of April.
  • As disappointed as I am in not being able to meet my deadline of maxing out by March, I am nearing one of my biggest financial milestone so far. I will only need to contribute $3,000 more before I maximize my TFSA.
  • The financial and energy sector made a decent recovery resulting in gains for my TFSA, whereas my tech stocks are still trailing behind.
  • I have also sold some of my positions to get rid of the companies that I do not see fit in my portfolio as they climbed to the green.

RRSP: $1,841 (+5.4%)

  • With the S&P 500 trying to break new heights, my RRSP had seen some gains in the US and Canadian Index.
  • My positions in the international index aren’t looking so great right now but I am still on top.
  • I will try to release a Q1 Portfolio update by the end of the month.

Liabilities: $17,717 (-2%)

Student Loan: $17,531

  • I am still slowly paying off my student loans. This has been a real pain so far and 5.5% is getting too high for me to ignore. I am current thinking about refinancing this loan.

Credit Card: $186

  • As always, my eating money is somewhat higher than most. This is sort of how I enjoy life. It’s sort of sad when I come to think of it.
  • Also, my laptop has been lagging and breaking down occasionally. I may be looking to invest in a new one which may result in a high credit card balance for next month.

Total Net Worth: $21,736 (+14.8%)

If you would like to see a snap shot of my net-worth progress, you would be able to do so on my net-worth tab that I had most recently added.

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