My Trip to Singapore Part 1

Hello Everyone! I am currently writing you from Singapore!

It has been a while since I travelled anywhere outside of Canada and boy has it been an eye opening experience so far. I can’t really recall but if my memory serves me correctly, it has been 10 years since my last airplane flight.

The reason for this trip was to visit my aging grandparents. Although I had to take some time off work to make this trip with my mother, it has been worth it so far. I have felt like I have grown so much as a person.

The Flights

Our total trip time from Toronto Pearson to Changi Singapore was 24 hours.

We started our trip by flying to Washington D.C. The total flight time took about an hour. There was nothing special to report here except that it took over an hour just to get through US Customs.

Once we arrived at Washington Dulles, we had to take the train to transition over to another terminal. During our 3 hour layover, we walked around the terminal, got some food and waited for our next flight to Tokyo.

This flight took approximately 13 hours. The flight attendants were very nice and I was very impressed with their service. Aboard the flight, I watched 2 movies, had 2 on-board meals and slept through the majority of the ride.

Upon arrival at Tokyo, I was very impressed with their advanced technology there. I even had the opportunity to try out some sushi made right in Japan. As we waited for our final flight to Singapore, I kept thinking that I will definitely return to Japan one day in the future.

My Dreams

As we arrived to Singapore, we were picked up by my aunt and uncle at the airport. They gave us a ride to my grandparent’s place. During the ride, I knew that one day I would love to purchase a property here in Singapore and even move here for an extended stay in the future. On top of that, I would also love to travel the world.

All of this reminds me the importance of my financial endeavours and gives me a reason to work on it even harder when I return home. These are my dreams that I will work towards and will keep me motivated in pursuing financial freedom. I will post another update on my trip when there are any. 🙂

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