My Transition to Part-Time Employment

My transition from a full-time employment to a part-time position is the latest development in my life.

Despite taking a pay cut, I felt like I could no longer continue in my previous post and that the salary was no longer worth it.

If you had been wondering why my blog had been inactive the last few months, the truth is that I was going through some tough times. I was stuck in a job that was making me so miserable to the point where I was seriously considering resignation.

Fortunately, I had put in a transfer to another department to a job and was accepted for that position before I got to my breaking point. Not to say that I was going to quit had I not got this new position but I was to a tipping point that anything could had been possible. Here’s why:

It’s not about the money, anymore…

I was comfortable at my previous job. Actually, comfortable isn’t the right word here. It’s more like secure.

I was making $80,000 annually, had good health benefits and a generous pension at the end of 25 years of service. It was also a stable job in the public sector and getting laid off was highly unlikely.

Unfortunately, the negatives were what really got to me. I was clocking in 50 to 60 hours a week which took a big toll on my physical health and mental health. It had gotten to a point where I had realize that the money was no longer worth it especially since there was no work/life balance whatsoever.

Time is the better investment

All of this had gotten me thinking. It wasn’t long before I came to the conclusion that having free time was more valuable than the job.

If you had been following along on my blog, you may already know that my plan to become a millionaire in 7 years is quite an aggressive one. Getting to this destination would require that I learn and grow both financially and as a person.

The job I had did not allow me this opportunity. Should I continue down this trajectory, I will not only become unsuccessful in my financial goals but I will also fail to progress in life.

If I had chosen to stay at the job, at best, my net worth will be $560,000 (7 years x $80,000 annual salary) assuming that I save 100% of my income which is highly unlikely. Additionally, there would be no other income to consider because I will be left with no energy and time to pursue anything else.

This was when I knew that things had to change.

Pursuing personal goals

Now that I had transfer to this part-time job, my plan will be to start pursuing some personal goals that I had put off for way too long.

My job situation now is that I still work within the same company but had transfer to a position that is both less stressful and have less hours. I am still working in the public sector but instead of putting in 50 hours a week, I am working 24 hours. This means that I had free up 26 hours a week to pursue other things in life.

With that being said, even though I had taken a big pay cut, my income at the end of the month still amounts to slightly above what the average person would earn in a month at a full time job. For this, I am thankful.

Honestly though, this isn’t even about the money anymore. I am someone who enjoys a simple life. My personal happiness and the happiness of those around me is what is important to me right now.

Moving forward

Especially now that I have more free time and a better work/life balance, I will be looking to start getting my life back on track.

The very first thing that I will start with involves improving and recovering my health. This includes getting better sleep, exercising and eating healthy.

Afterwards, I will work on various personal self-improvement goals to better position myself to achieve all the things that I want to in life which includes bettering my finances.

That’s it for now. I hope everyone has an awesome week!

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