How Much Time Do You Spend Working on Yourself?

Many of us who are on the journey to financial freedom spend quite a large amount of time working for someone else.

Often, this could mean spending up to 40 hours or more a week at a job that we may not necessarily like.

The reason why many stay at their day job is because it provides for them financially. Without the income, it could be quite difficult to sustain the cost of living.

Although there is nothing wrong in working at a day job to provide for yourself and your family, getting stuck in this cycle is definitely not a good thing especially for those who want to become financially free.

This is the recipe for staying in the rat race and the key escape starts at spending time to work on oneself.

Sadly, many have found this can be quite difficult after a long and tiring day trying to make other people’s dreams come true (including myself).Become a better person through personal development and start living a happier life.


So what does it mean to work on yourself?

The short answer here is ANYTHING that will help you grow as a person.

Often times, many people who are stuck in the rat race find themselves with very little time and energy for themselves.

They are too busy in the grind of their everyday life.

Even though many may want to improve their life (after all who doesn’t), the wear from the day job may be preventing continuous action for betterment.

Don’t get me wrong here. There are many people who have full time jobs out there who still find time to work on themselves. Are you one of those person?

I’m not. At least I wasn’t.

This is why I decided to opt out of my full time job and transition into part-time employment.

Now that I work 4 days instead of 5 per week, I find myself with much more free time to work on my dreams and what I value in life.

In my case, personal development and working on Million Endeavour.

My commitment to blogging

A good friend of mine once told me that your identity is what you spend most of your time doing.

At that time, my identity was a public servant employee. I spent around 40 to 50 hours a week at my day job working for the city.

Right now, after transitioning to a 24 hour work week, my identity have shifted to the personal finance blogger at ME.

The hours that I clock on my blog per week now has surpassed the hours that I spend at work.

I am also much happier knowing that I am trying harder to improve my life, perhaps even doing some good for the personal finance community. I’ll have to wait and see about the latter. 🙂

What about you? What’s your identity? How much time do you spend working on yourself? Let me know what you think.

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