2016 Personal Finance Goals

The reason why it took me this long to share my goals for 2016 was because I had to take some time to re-evaluate my life and what I wanted out of it financially. From my 2015 goals review, it is clear that I had fell extremely short of my expectations.

I have concluded that I had too many goals and many of them were unrealistic. This is why my list for this year will be shorter and be more feasible. Here it is:

By the end of 2016 I will:

  1. Develop a system to generating $1,000 of passive income per year.
  2. Contribute my 2016 TFSA and RRSP limit.
  3. Generate $5,000 in returns through my stock portfolios.
  4. Invest in a property and move out of my parent’s house.
  5. Write at least 4 blog posts on ME (1 per week)

That’s it! These are the 5 goals that I will solely focus on in terms of  finance.

What are your goals for 2016?

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