I have created this page to help me keep a better track of my financial goals. As I complete the goals, I will be crossing them off the list and will be adding new ones to accomplish.

The deadline for my goals will be at the end of the year. Should I fail to accomplish any of them, they will take priority for the following year.

It is my hope that this method of goal tracking will help keep me accountable to my 7 year plan to one million dollar.


1. Achieve independence by moving out of my parent’s house
2. Start a business earning $100 profit a month
3. Get $5000 in returns from stock market
4. Be in a relationship and invest in my dating life
5. Complete Body Beast 2 times (a beach body workout video program)


1. Develop a system to generating $1,000 of passive income per year. Failed
2. Contribute my 2016 TFSA and RRSP limit. 50% Completed
3. Generate $5,000 in returns through my stock portfolios. Failed
4. Invest in a property and move out of my parent’s house. 50% Completed
5. Write at least 4 blog posts per month on ME (1 per week) Completed

Review of 2016 Goals


2014 Catch Up
1. Total Asset Worth- $40,000. Completed
2. Maximize my Tax Free Savings Account – $31,000. Completed
1. Total Asset Worth – $85,000. Failed
2. Contribute 2015 TFSA Limit. Accomplished
3. Maximize RRSP Account. Failed
4. Portfolio Total Return – $10,000. Re-considered
5. Pay off Student Loans. (optional) Re-considered
6. Invest in a Property – $25,000 (down-payment). Failed
7. Create a Comprehensive Business Plan. Failed
8. Read 12 Books on Personal Finance  (1 per month). Failed

Review of 2015 Goals


1. Total Asset Worth- $40, 000. Failed
2. Maximize my Tax Free Savings Account – $31, 000. Failed
3. Portfolio Dividend Growth – $50/month. Re-considered
4. Open an RRSP Account. Accomplished
5. Read 3 books on Personal Finance. Accomplished

Review of 2014 goals.