Value Investing, Monthly Net-Worth Updates, Quarterly Portfolio Reports & other Revamps

Up until this point, I have found that Million Endeavour had been pretty random in terms of the post content. Even though I am a firm believer in producing content that is immediately relevant to my journey, it is also nice to have some structure. This realization came to me after I started looking into the other personal finance blogs out there.

Although it had been very interesting to see what other personal finance bloggers are up to, I have also been inspired by their progress. Not only do I learn a lot from other finance bloggers, I have also decided to make a few changes on ME. Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect:

The Shift from Technical Investing to Value Investing

When I had first started looking into stocks, I was immediately intrigued with the technical analysis of the selection process. This included the studies of graph patterns, market trends and growth predictions. Essentially, I saw trading stocks from a buy low and sell high perspective.

Over the course of my journey, I had slowly made the transition from technical investing to value investing. Although I still enjoy a good bargain every so often, the fluctuation of the stock market does not bring me much concern as it used to.

From here on out, my stock selections will consider long term growth potential instead of quick profit opportunities.

Monthly Net-Worth Updates

Up until this point, I have been releasing a net-worth update every 3 months (a quarterly update). The reason behind a 3 month update instead of a monthly one is that a quarterly update will give me more to write about.

However, seeing how a monthly net-worth update seems to be the trend amongst other financial bloggers, I have decided that it is time I join in on it as well. I plan to start implementing this monthly update at the start of the new year.

Quarterly Portfolio Reports

Additionally, I will also be providing a quarterly update on my TFSA and soon to be RRSP portfolio.

This update will detail how my stock holdings are performing in the current quarter, my dividend endeavours and will contain my latest stock purchases.

Other Revamps

As a result of these updates, I have decided to get rid of the “Stock of the Month” category of Million Endeavour. The reason for this change is because my recent stock investments will be conveyed through the quarterly portfolio reports instead.

Furthermore, I will also be getting rid of the “Market Predictions” category.

The initial plan for this section was to provide my thoughts on how I think the market will perform in the future. However, instead of having a whole section dedicated to it, you will be able to find my thoughts on the market under the Stock & Portfolio category of the blog.

This concludes my latest plans for Million Endeavour. I really hope that these changes will improve ME in moving forward. Is there anything you would like to see from my blog? Feel free to leave a comment.

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