The 100 Post Milestone: What I Learnt About Blogging

In a few months, my blog would be celebrating it’s 3rd birthday. I am very pleasantly surprised that I have managed to keep my blog active most of this time. This is especially true since my friends would describe me as someone who would start a lot of things but never finish anything.

Although I am still around, the same can not be said for some of the personal finance bloggers who started blogging around the same time I did. For some reason, many of them have discontinued their blogs. I just hope that they do no give up on their journey to financial independence and end up coming back. It would be nice if I get the chance to reconnect some time in the near future.

Blogging is hard work

Despite what many people think, blogging requires a lot of time, energy and determination. There will be ups and downs. For example, in the summer of 2015, I went on 6-month streak of only have one post per month. Yikes! Posting on a regular basis has proved quite challenging for me.

The good news would be that I stuck through blogging this entire time and have developed a passion out of it. I assure that Million Endeavour will not be going anywhere for at least until I become financially free.

So everyone is a blogger nowadays eh?

In my attempts to make some connection through Twitter, I have noticed that nearly everyone has a “Blogger” status in their bio. This got me thinking that blogging is way more popular than I have originally thought. To stand out from all the bloggers out there, I will need to make my blog more unique with interesting content (something I will continue to work on).

Not everyone will agree with what you say

Another thing that I have learnt in my blogging so far is that there will always be some one who will post negative comments and perhaps even send you hate mails. Whenever I receive comments like these, I simply ignore it and try to not let it get to me.

Additionally, there will also be times when I post something and many of my readers simply would not agree with it. Posts like these can sometimes hurt blog traffic.

On November 8 of 2015, I posted an article saying that I was going to transition into a part time job. I’ve got a few comments saying that it wasn’t wise and ever since then, comments and traffic just started to go downhill!

I try not to let situations like these get me down especially since I am not proclaiming myself as a financial expert in any way. My goal for this blog is share my journey to financial freedom in hopes of motivating people in similar situations.

The future plan for my blog

blogging lessons

Moving forward, my plan for Million Endeavour is to start focusing more on social media platforms. I am going to put more of an effort in reaching out to more people interested in personal finance. I believe that learning and growing is best done when surrounded by like-minded people.

Before I conclude, I would just like to give a quick update on my Yakezie Challenge. I started the challenge on August 15 with an Alexa rank of 5,872,687. It has been almost a month now and I am happy to say that my rank now is 1,635,169. I will only hope that I continue to make progress.

My rank has jumped faster than I anticipated. As a result, I have changed my 6-month target to 500,000 now. I hope I am not being too ambitious. 🙂

What are some of the things you have learnt from blogging? I’d love to hear from you.

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