Talk Personal Finance – January 2016

Wow! So far, the stock market this year has been off to a rough start.  Although the bear market is always welcomed in my books as it presents buying opportunities, it can be quite problematic seeing how I do not have any cash position to capitalize on that. Ouch….

Bamboozled by insufficient cash position

Most of my funds are already invested into stocks leaving me with no money to utilize. The simple solution would be to sell some of my current holding but unfortunately a large portion of it is tied into the energy sector which is deep into the red.

As soon as there is any slight evidence of recovery I will have to sell off some of these shares even if that means taking some loss. Having money tied up that could have better use to it would be the smarter decision.

My next goal

In the meantime, I will look towards maxing my RRSP and start making better investment decisions here on out. I am thinking about leaving it configured as passive because so far my investment in index funds outperform my stock selections by miles.

Just out of curiosity, where do you draw the line in selling an underperforming stock?

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