Talk Personal Finance – February 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to February.

I know that normally my Talk Personal Finance series is published at the start of each month but for some reason, it just happens to be very late this time around. Moving forward, I would like to develop some structure in my posts so that they would not be all over the place from now on.

I am thinking that the TPF posts should be the first post of every month and my Net worth updates be the last. Hopefully, this change (actually not really a change since this sequence was originally implemented) will give my blog some more organization. 🙂

Anyhow, here are the topics for the month:

My investment specialization identity

It has most recently been brought to my attention that my investment style is one that seems to be all over the place.

Many people who choose to invest have their own specialty whether it be dividends, passive investing, real estate or acquiring businesses.

Although these investments will be in my plan in the future, I have decided that my specialization right now would be to become an active investor in growth stocks. Seeing as how many of the bloggers in the online community are mostly dividend investors, I will take investing in a different approach.

I will keep you guys on how this endeavour goes by posting more on my stock purchases and yields.

Taking my first trip overseas in 15+ years

On a more separate note, I will be travelling to Singapore in a couple of weeks to visit my grandmother who is very ill for a couple of weeks.

This will be my first trip overseas in 15+ years and honestly, I do not know what to expect. I am thinking that by the end of this trip, I would have gain some growth as a person.

Even though I wish that this trip would be on better terms, I am grateful to have this opportunity to visit my extended family especially in this tough time.

Working on Millionaire Masterplan Pre-Flight Checklist (orange level)

As for what I am doing to improve my knowledge right now in finances, I am studying the Millionaire Masterplan in depth.

Currently, I am at orange level (worker) trying to step up to yellow level (the player). I am working on the pre-flight checklist as mentioned in the book.

If you are a little confused as to what I am talking about, I would highly recommend giving the book a read. I have found it to be extremely valuable especially for those who are interested in starting a business and building wealth.

Don’t worry, I will do a more in depth summary of the book in the future.

Lastly, for the Canadians out there, don’t forget to contribute to your RRSP before the deadline February 29, 2016!

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