Talk Personal Finance – April 2015

Welcome to the month of April everyone!

March was a really rough month for me and I am glad that April was off to a better start. Not only did I go out of commission from finances due to exhaustion, I have also spent more time playing video games and watching television. However, I have found that it was a much needed break even though it has proven to be quite unproductive.

On the upside, my break has restored my motivation in finances once again so I am going to just dive right into my updates.

Portfolio Strategy

In the latest development for my portfolio, I have decided to sell off some of my stocks while they are up. These stocks are mostly the ones I have purchased at the start of my journey without doing any research in the company ahead of time.

I am also putting a hold on my stock purchases for the time being while I increase my cash positions. Personally, I believe that the bull economy has ran its course and that the bear is in the horizon. If that do happen to be the case, I will have a substantial amount of cash to take full opportunity of the down market.

TFSA Increased Limit

As for my TFSA, I am currently behind schedule in the maximization. My original intention was to have my TFSA full contributed by the end of March. Unfortunately, I was not able to do that and I will have to extend my deadline by a month or two. I have $2,000 left of contribution room in my TFSA.

Additionally, it also appears that the Canadian government will soon double the annual contribution limit by 2016. If this does happen, I will need to recalculate my financial map to better accommodate this change.

Independence vs. Rental Property

Another thing that is on my agenda recently is that I am ready to start looking for my first property. Hopefully, I will be able to find a suitable 2-bedroom condo somewhere in the city where it is convenient. Whether I plan on pursuing independence or renting out the property for cash flow is something I have yet to decide.

I have mentioned this endeavour numerous times already and have yet to course out any action to pursue it. This is why I have decided to create a checklist on the steps I will need to take to actually take action. I plan on posting this on my blog within the near future.

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