The Stock of the Month Plan

Lately, I have developed quite an interest in learning how to trade stocks.

Not only am I getting impatient in sitting around waiting for my mutual funds account to grow, I also feel that it is time to move on from passive investing.

Although I am a complete newbie in trading stocks, I feel that as long as I put my heart and mind into it, I will be able to find success.

To track my progress in trading stocks, I have decided to post my ‘stock of the month’ on my blog. In this section, I will discuss a particular stock I have invested in that particular month and explain why ‘I think’ this stock is promising.

I will also provide updates on how well this stock is performing on future updates for your interest. This will give you an idea of whether not you want to start investing in any of these stocks.

My overall strategy tentatively would include a detail study of graph patterns, stock values, seasonal performance, and discount purchases. All of these factors will play an important role in how I choose to build my portfolio.

In the meantime, I will start by doing some basic research on how to invest in stocks. All of my stock activity will be on my direct investing tax free savings account. I’ll keep you updated on my progress soon!


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