Net-Worth Update September 2015: $34,609 (+$1,170/+3.4%)

Welcome to the end of September everyone!

I turned 26 this month and that harsh reality has gotten me feeling a little blue. I started thinking about where my life was heading and it saddens me that I am not where I want to be.

Anyhow, I will save the self-reflection for another time. Here are my numbers for the month:

Assets: $51,048 (+1.8%)

Cash: $8,135

  • Now that my tax-free savings account is maxed out, I find myself reluctant to contribute to my RRSP. Instead, I will continue to stack up my cash position for the time being.

TFSA: $39,115 (-1.5%)

  • Sadly, it has been another horrible month for my investments. The biggest droppers for this month are my stocks in oil. With that being said, my portfolio is somewhat diverse and all my stocks seems to have dropped significantly.

RRSP: $1,422 (-10.34%)

  • Similar to the month of August, the Canadian Index and International Index in my RRSP did not perform very well. However, the US Index is still holding strong. I will look into purchasing more shares in this.

Pension Contribution: $2,376

  • No change since the last update.

Liabilities: $16,439 (-1.6%)

Student Loan: $16,422

  • Still paying off my student loan at an annual interest rate of 5.5%.
  • I am currently looking to lower this rate somehow and I will post additional information on my updates for whenever I have any.

Credit Card: $17

  • The reason why my credit card balance is so low right now is because I had just recently paid off about $400. Again, I spend most of my money eating out.

Total Net-Worth: ~$34,609 (+$1,170/+3.4%)

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