Net Worth Update May 2015: $27,815 (+27.9%)

It has been a while since I have posted on my blog and here is my monthly update which I will vow to never neglect.

Usually, calculating my net worth is one of the things that I look forward to but I have lost my motivation in many things as of recently.

My life has been very hectic the past couple of months. On top of the dissatisfaction from my job, I have also been experiencing many family problems as well. However, I will spare you the details as this blog isn’t meant to be one where I just rant about the hardships of life. However, I do hope things will begin to look more positive sooner than later. J

In any case, I have received an update from my employment in terms of my pension contributions. The amount reflected in this balance sheet will be returned to me upon leaving the company. This is why I have decided to include it into my net worth calculations.

Here are my numbers for this month:

Assets: $45,507 (+15.3%)

Cash: $2,962

  • There are months where my cash position is higher than others and there are times when it is lower. I consider this amount irrelevant since most of my income will be transferred into my either my TFSA or RRSP.

TFSA: $38,287 (+6.8%)

  • I have transferred $3,000 to my TFSA this month. I was so excited to have maxed it out until I realized that the contribution limit has increased to $10,000 in 2015.
  • This leaves me with $4,500 left of contribution room.
  • In terms of my holdings, well, I have been on a selling spree lately and now my cash position is starting to get bigger.

RRSP: $1,882 (+2.2%)

  • There is not much progress from my RRSP this month. I have noticed that the growth ratio in this mutual fund account is substantially less than in my TFSA. I will be looking into converting my E-series configuration to a self-directed account.

Pension Contribution: $2,376

  • I will update this section periodically and every time that I receive a statement from my employer for as long as I am employed.
  • This is the cash amount that I will receive back upon resignation of my position.

Liabilities: $17,692 (-0.1%)

Student Loan: $17,311

  • Upon further consideration, I have decided to not rush the repayment of my student loans. I will go into more details on this decision later on. However, I will still look to refinance my loan with a lower interest loan.

Credit Card: $381

  • Nothing new in my credit card spending. Again, I have been spending the majority here on eating out and food.
  • I anticipate a large spending in the near future. My laptop is starting to break down and I will be looking to acquire a new one shortly.

Total Net Worth: $27,815 (+27.9%)

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