Net Worth Update Mar 2015: $18,929 (+8.3%)

It’s time for another one of my mid-month net worth update!

Truth be told, March has been a very slow month for me so far. After a 37% increase last month, a 8% increase is slightly disappointing.

The reason why I didn’t achieve the gain I expected to was because my TFSA portfolio had taken a major hit. Most of my investments in the energy and financial sector are in the red right now. Hopefully, things will pick up by the end of the year. In the meantime, I am still keeping an eye for future buying opportunities in both these sectors.

Here are what my numbers look like for March:

Assets: $37,007 (+3.9%)

Cash: $2,133 (+52.7%)

  • My cash position right now is relatively higher than it normally would be. There is no particular reason for this except for that I just haven’t transferred a lot of it into my investment accounts yet.

TFSA: $33,128 (-0.04%)

  • I have contributed $1,000 to my TFSA this month. ($5,000 worth of contribution room remaining)
  • Like I mentioned earlier, my financial and energy stocks are deep in the red right now.
  • The biggest loser in my portfolio would be Canadian Oil Sands (COS) with a loss of close to 43%. I probably should have cut my losses and sold my position when the company decided to cut its dividend as Warren Buffet would do. However, I am just going to hold and see if it will pick up when the energy sector recovers.

RRSP: $1,746 (+62.3%)

  • I contributed $750 to my RRSP right before the deadline.
  • I did not contribute that much because I had been focusing more on my maxing out my TFSA first and I also predict that I will be in a higher tax bracket in 2015.
  • Growth in my E-series funds took a minor dip as my investments in this account are mostly reflective of the S&P 500.

Liabilities: $18,078 (-0.31%)

Student Loan: $17,750

  • Still paying $300 month at an interest rate of 5.5%.
  • I might leverage my home equity line of credit and repay the loan with that once I purchase my first property instead of paying it off aggressively. I will look into this in more detail.

Credit Card: $328

  • Again, I spent a lot of my cash on eating out. I also made a few doodad purchases. I don’t think that I am ready to do the no eating out challenge just yet. At least not till I move out on my own!

Total Net Worth: $18,929 (+8.3%)

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