My Trip to Singapore Part 2

So… I’ve been here in Singapore/Malaysia for about 1 week now and it is time for another update.

Everyone in pursuit of financial freedom should have a dream to keep them motivated. If you have missed my first update, I had just realized that my new found dream would to be to purchase a property in Singapore and to move here permanently.

The Lifestyle

The main reason for my decision to move to Singapore is the lifestyle.

As someone who was born in Canada and lived there my entire life, I have grown too accustomed to the westernized society. I believe that I could use some change in my life.

Although I have visited Singapore when I was a kid, I could not appreciate it fully because I was simply too young. The lifestyle here in Singapore is so much slower than it is in Canada. People here are mostly happy, spend their life socializing, experiences less stress and simply just enjoys life more.

Unlike the lifestyle in Canada where people are always chasing the paycheck, life here in Singapore is definitely something I would prefer to live my life to.

My Week

Upon arrival at the airport, my mom and I was greeted by my aunt and my uncle. They drove us to my grandparent’s place which we will be staying for the majority of our visit.

I had an opportunity to experience their day to day routine. One thing to note here is that the restaurants here are extremely cheap and people here eat out 3 times a day. Singapore and Malaysia is the ideal place to live for the foodies. Although I would not consider myself one, I do enjoy the food here very much.

After a few days at my grandparent’s place, my aunt drove us up to her place in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) which we stayed here for a few days.

My aunt and uncle took us to so many good restaurants and to a cave which we got to explore for an entire day. Now, I can see why they decided to move back to Malaysia after staying in Canada for so many years. I am back now to my Grandparent’s place in Jahor Bahru.

The Transition

So would I be able to make the transition to living in Singapore?

The first thing to note is that English is one of the official languages in Singapore. This would mean that I would have no issues with communication here. Additionally, the other official language is Mandarin which I am already quite proficient in it.

As for whether I would be lonely here, well… my grandparents/aunts/uncles and 20+ cousins all live here. If I’ve learnt anything so far during my stay here, it is the weight of family importance amongst the people here. I may even be able to convince my parents and sister to make this move with me.

The Plan

As for my plan to achieve my dream, I will continue to work hard towards financial freedom back home in Canada.

Although my plan is to actually purchase a property in Singapore, a property in Malaysia isn’t exactly out of the question as well considering the currency exchange. Local currency in Malaysia has an exchange rate of 3.5 to 1 CAD.

After taking a look around on the properties here, $500,000RM (Malaysian currency) could get you the top of the notch penthouse condo or a very decent detached home. This means that I would only need to have $150,000 to $175,000 CAD to purchase a top end property in Malaysia. Just a food for thought I guess.

Singapore dollar on the other hand is almost equivalent to Canadian dollar.

Regardless, my plan is to come here when I am financially free and the currency exchange by that time should be irrelevant.

Who knows, maybe I’ll meet a nice girl when I move here as well. 🙂

Stay tuned for part 3!

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