More Post Frequency, Shorter Posts

One of my goals for 2016 was to start writing more blog posts for Million Endeavour. After a disappointing end to 2015, I was noticing that I only had 1-2 posts per month. That fell way short of my expectations.

However, now that a new year has begun, I have committed myself to writing 1 post a week at the very least.

My plan to following through with this would be to start writing shorter posts. I anticipate that each post would be around 200 to 400 words.

Shorter posts would mean that I would have to stay on topic and stop going off to random tangents like I had been doing in the past. It would also be more beneficial to the readers because I will no longer have the luxury of trying to fluff up my content and spend like 100 words trying to make a point that could be done in 50 words or less.

I look forward to implementing this change to my blog and hopefully it would redirect my blog into going towards the direction that I envision.

In the mean time, I am also going to start thinking of other ways that I can improve ME. Some of the things on my mind include a more efficient web design, implementing new categories such as my recent buy/sell transactions and just overall better content.

Thank you for being patient with me during my period of inactiveness and I will do my best to follow the blogs of those who follow mine! I wish everyone the best for the new year!



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