Million Endeavour Makeover – It’s About Time!

If you had been on Million Endeavour recently, you may have noticed quite a few changes in design. Unfortunately, having a good looking blog is the least of my worries.

Truth is, my blog is undergoing an identity crisis. If I am to eventually turn ME into a business, I would need to seriously reconsider the purpose that I am trying to achieve.

As it stands right now, the content on here is all over the place. Although most of the material is related to personal finance, the lack of focus in one area is preventing growth. I would need to establish expertise in one area as opposed to trying to invest in everything at the same time. ME right now is easily forgettable for anyone it crosses path with and over time it would just be history.

The new direction and focus

ME has always been a personal finance blog and it will always be one.

However, after doing some polling and reaching out to the readers, I have decided to start approaching finances through personal development. I think this is quite fitting especially since It was personal development that got me started in finance in the first place. It is going to be nice to return to my roots.

In terms of the topics that will be covered, I am going to start leaning more towards entrepreneurship and business fundamentals. The reason for this decision is because out of my three pillars of investing (business, real estate and stocks), I am most interested in the business aspect. I am ready to transition out of being an employee and into an entrepreneur. On the plus side, there are not many personal finance bloggers out there venturing into this territory. 🙂

This means that you can expect more content focusing on how to start a business and how to become successful in owning one. Although my choice of business will be through blogging, I am going to explore topics applicable for all entrepreneurs. Simply speaking, I am going to use personal development to master the art of running a successful business.

For those interested in other aspects of my blog such as real estate and stock investing, I will still cover this from time to time. It’s just that it will no longer share the spot light like it did previously.

Next on my agenda

My priority right now is to complete this transition and get it started as soon as possible. You can expect everything to be completed by my next post. Some of the stuff on my list of things to do includes fixing up the about page, changing up the categories and perhaps implementing some new designs.

The path to financial freedom is no easy task. The good news is that there is more than one correct path to get there and I am very excited to be headed in this new direction.  Do you think I’m making a mistake? I would appreciate your input in all of this!

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