Million Endeavour is Active on Twitter!

Although my blog has a Twitter and Facebook page, I haven’t exactly been active on either one of them.

The reason for this was because I thought it would be too hard to maintain both of them at the same time aside from the automation of new posts.

This is why I have decided to focus on one of them as opposed to trying to juggle both at the same time.

Seeing as how Twitter is the obvious choice for the personal finance theme due to the real time communication, I will now be active on Twitter!

My purpose for using Twitter would be to get involved and acquainted to the personal finance community as well as to deliver valuable information through retweets for those who follow me.

The plan is to keep the list of the people I follow to a maximum of 100. I will mainly follow other personal finance bloggers as well as some of my role models and business networks.

I will be retweeting things that I find interesting and will attempt to build myself a reputation as mentioned in Hamilton’s flightpath from Orange to Yellow level.

In helping that I maintain this goal, I have downloaded a few twitter apps on my phone and will be checking in periodically throughout the day now that I have a data plan on my phone!

You may follow me at 🙂

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