Increase Your Productivity by Using Multiple Monitors

Are you one of those people who always have a lot of tabs opened up on your computer? Tired of alt-tabbing or switching between browsers? If so, I have one little tip for you, multiple monitors.

This Boxing day, I invested in 2 LED screens to help increase my productivity in the upcoming new year. This is a must especially for the bloggers out there and those who have an online business.

Having multiple screens will help you to organize better and work faster on whatever you’re working on. You can even have one screen dedicated to watching YouTube or a movie like myself. Even though this may distract you from your work, my left monitor will always be my entertainment screen. 🙂

How to Connect Multiple Monitors

Connecting multiple monitors onto your machine may be a little tricky. It will all depend on how many outputs your machine has.

For example, one of my monitor is connected to a VGA port, the other to an HDMI port and I even have one connected to a USB.

The 4th monitor which is the smallest one to the right is the one connected to the USB because the graphics output through a USB is pretty low. You will need an adapter if you want to connect a monitor through the USB port.

Unfortunately, since I am connecting these monitors to my laptop, I will need to unplug all the cords every time I decide to move my laptop. I will be looking to invest in a desktop soon just to avoid this hassle and build a permanent work station. In the mean time, this will do.

Some Things to Do with Extra Monitors

I have some big goals for the new upcoming year and I believe that that these monitors will not only help me be more productive but also more excited to show up for work.

Here’s what I’m doing with my monitors right now:

Increase Productivity

Monitor 1 – Keeping an eye on stocks.

Laptop Monitor – Typing out this post.

Monitor 3 – Youtubing.

Monitor 4 – Chatting with my friends on Skype/Facebook.

The possibilities on how to use the monitors are endless!

I must admit though, the 4 monitors are making me dizzy and I feel like I would get distracted very easily. Perhaps I’m just not used to it yet. I’ll give some time before I consider reducing it down to 3 screens.

Future Upgrades

Despite my upgrades, I do see some flaw in this set up. I am getting very tired of plugging in all of these monitors every time that I want to hook up my quad screen.

Moving forward, I am going to invest in a desktop to avoid this hassle. I will also invest in a 3rd 27 inch screen and reduce my screens to 3.

Currently this quad screen set up is too confusing for me to manage. This is why I will start off with tri-monitor before I upgrade to 4 again.

Do you have multiple monitors? What do you do on each of your screen?

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