I Have a Dream Job, Finally!

The unhappiness and feelings of entrapment at my stable, decently paid government position is beginning to grow bigger day by day.

I keep telling myself that I am going to one day just get to my tipping point and hand in my resignation letter. Unfortunately, I have not reached that point yet. Believe me… I have tried.

People say that it is bad to be in job that you hate. I agree.

This led me thinking of what my dream job would be. I have been trying to figure that out for my entire life and now I have an answer.

Happiness is more important than I think

Despite being stuck in jobs that I hate for nearly my entire career, I will have to put happiness first this time around. I think that as long as I love what I am doing, I will be happy. However, figuring that out had been quite a challenge.

I have concluded that the reason why I had been confused in determining what I wanted to do was because I didn’t really know what I value in life. As soon as that was figured out, I was able to merge all the things that I want to do into a dream job.

What I value in life

Something that I would love to do more in life would be to travel more. Up until recently, I have decided to put that on hold till the day I become financially free. The downside to that plan would be the slight chance of it never happening as no one can predict the future.

I had also developed quite a passion in blogging while maintaining Million Endeavour. On top of that, I am an adventurous person who loves to explore, take photographs and try food from other cultures.

My dream job would be to be a travel blogger!

Things that need I need to consider first

As much as I love to hand in my resignation tomorrow to pursue this dream, there are some things that I will first need to figure out.

The first and probably the most obvious of this would be the income. Would I really be able to make a steady income doing this? As most of us already know, making a living through blogging can be quite challenging. What would I do if can’t succeed?

The second thing that is standing in my way of doing this is my concern of what my family and friends would think of me for quitting a job that most people would love to do all of this. Will I regret it if I end up choosing not to do this later on in life?

These are some of the questions that I will need to sort out first before jumping into this. If all goes well, I would have quit my job by 2017 to embark on this journey. Your thoughts?

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