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Investment Strategy: The Quarterly Earnings

Over the last couple of months, I had been experimenting with various stock investment strategies. The plan is to compile a list of arsenals to attack the market and to maximize returns. Eventually, I will have enough tools to put it all together into a little book of investing of my own. These strategies are

My New Investing Strategy: Playing Small Ball

If you had been following the 2015 MLB games, you may have noticed something different in the play of this year’s championship team, the Kansas City Royals. Instead of chasing the home runs and the grand slams like most of the other teams, the Royals decided to own the small ball strategy. They took the

RRSP vs. Non-Registered: Which to Invest In Next?

With now that my Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) is nearing its maximum capacity, I find myself debating whether I should start investing in my RRSP or Non-registered account. Needless to say, the main difference between the RRSP and non-registered is that one is a tax sheltering vehicle while the other is not. Although the

The Opportunity Cost to Active Investing

It has been about one year since I have purchased my first stock and since then I have learned many things about active investing. As I have mentioned before, I am one of those people who like to dive right into something and piece the puzzle together myself instead of following a manual. This is