Book Recommends: Millionaire Masterplan

Most recently, I had read through a book called the Millionaire Masterplan by Roger James Hamilton and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in building wealth.

This book is written for those who are interested in becoming and entrepreneur and it outlines the steps to success in doing so. Here is a brief introduction on the book:


In this book, Hamilton explains that there are 9 levels in the wealth lighthouse starting from the Infrared (victim) to the Ultraviolet (Legend).

Hamilton goes on to explains that everyone’s path to success is different and is outlined by your wealth genius. The four geniuses are Dynamo (people who love to create), Blaze (people who love to connect), Tempo (people who love to serve) and Steel (people who love the details).

Although every genius has their own way of climbing up the wealth lighthouse, they all undergo the exact same process. Hamilton explains each step in detail through his book.

When I was first given this book by a friend of mine, I had just browsed through it. However, most recently, I decided to go through the MMP with the intention to improve my personal finance.

As I went through it the second time around, I have learnt much more and have come to understand it at a deeper level. I believe this book is a great guide for those who wants to achieve financial freedom.

I will use this book as a reference point and a guide for my own improvement in personal finance.

According to this book, I am a dynamo genius currently on the orange level (worker) trying to proceed to the yellow level (player).

Overall Impression

To be honest, it is quite an interesting read. Hamilton also offers a token for the quiz for those interested in learning what their genius is and what level they are at on the wealth lighthouse along with the purchase of the book.

Even though I have completed this book, I will provide updates as I learn more about the concepts discussed in the millionaire masterplan!

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