Beginning at Personal Development

My desire in wanting to grow and become a better person was the sole reason that got me interested in personal finance.

Prior to my pursuance of financial freedom, I was focused on personal growth. I wanted to become the best possible version of myself and to make a difference in the lives of those around me. In fact, I still do.

Unfortunately, somewhere down the line, I had lost this vision. Not only am I not growing anymore but my finance game had been negatively affected as well. This is why I had decided to return to my roots in hopes of getting my life back on track.

Personal development leads to financial success

I believe that the desire to improve oneself through personal growth is the key to achieving success in both life and finances.

In my journey thus far, I have come to realized that the study of personal development had been quite crucial. It had instilled good habits and as much as I hate to use this phrase “the right mindset” required to make progress. Sadly, I had lost all of this somewhere down the line.

In one of my previous epiphanies, wealth and money is no longer the main priority for me. Even though my goal is to become financially free, I will now focus my attention on achieving happiness instead. From what I have heard, those two can be mutually exclusive.

The mind is the best investment one can make

Personally, I think that the mind could be either the greatest barrier or the best asset one can have when it comes to achieving financial success.

The mind is what controls the emotions and invokes a certain mentality required to take the necessary action. It also stores the knowledge that is learnt and allows you to utilize them whenever the situation sees fit.

I’ve been thinking. Imagine if we could all use the full capacity of our brain, would we really need that 3, 5 or 10 years that we have set for ourselves to reach our financial goals? Probably not.

This is why I am convinced that if I spend more of time developing and expanding my mind through personal development as opposed to trying to cram up as much knowledge as I can through books in finance, I am still able to reach my 2020 deadline on time, if not faster.

Revisiting one of my earlier mentors

I am approaching all of this by revisiting material from one of my earlier mentors, Anthony Robbins.

For the past few weeks, I had been studying two of his books, Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant. I have found that his concepts in NLP and self development very practical and is going to be the thing that will give me an edge in reaching my goals in life.

Like always, when I have more time to process all of this, I will provide an update here on my blog. That’s it for now. What are your thought’s on personal development?

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