My App Project: What Went Wrong?

A few months ago, I embarked on a journey in developing a finance smart phone app project.

I have got to a point where I released a beta version for testing. I am very appreciative for those who signed up for a copy of my app and I have gotten a few valuable feedbacks.

To start off, I would like to point out that it is never a good sign when the developer (me) himself does not even use the app. This tells me that there is something definitely wrong with it. This is what I have concluded:

Trying to do too much at once

My original intention for the app is for it to become the “all in one” finance app that can do everything.

Unfortunately, my app got too clouded, became incredibly confusing and it was not user friendly. Although there was some good concepts in my app that I can use to refine it for the next version, I think that keeping it simple this time would be a good idea.

Instead of trying to incorporate all these fancy features, I will just pick a couple and focus on making those things good.

Glitches and structural fixes

There were definitely a few glitches in the code that needs to be iron out. Some of these glitches may even cause the app to crash. The good news is that I have looked into them and I am confident that it won’t happen in the next version.

The code itself was also very messy and the cluttering had cause some speed related issues. Like the glitches, I can also clean this up for next time.

Bringing a need to the market

Although I plan to continue in the finance app sector, I feel that I need to bring something to the market that people would find useful.

Perhaps some of those aspect is already in my current version. I need to determine the important features and to remove the not so important ones. The notebook and calculator is definitely something that can be removed. I will allow the other apps that does this function have the spot light. 🙂

The future for my app project

As for my next step, I will continue to plan and map out the features of my Finance App 2.0.

The planning stage is the most important to me as I am quite confident of my coding abilities now (something that I developed from the previous project).

Like always, I will post an update when I do have one. Thank you to everyone who beta tested version 1.0!!!

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