Who am I?

I am a 27-year-old Canadian (24 when I first started) who strives to become a millionaire by the time I reach the age of 31. I have 5 years left to master the financial game and escape the rat race.

I was working in a full time job that consumes the majority of my time. However, I had decided to opt out of that lifestyle and to take up a part time job to pursue my financial interests. By the end of my journey, the plan is to become financially free and to live off passive income. This will free up my time and energy to explore what the world has to offer.

After returning from visiting family in Singapore, I have made it my dream to move to and purchase a property in Singapore, travel the world and to be happily married by the time I reach 30 years old (31 at the very latest).

My financial plan is currently on a strict timeline which is outlined on the left side of my blog which serves as a reminder for myself. My financial strategy attacks from 3 directions: Stocks, Property & Real Estate.

In order to succeed in this, I will have to set a new standard for myself and realize that my old one would no longer suffice. This is my mission statement in life:

To become the best possible self through personal development. To escape the rat race of the world by becoming financially free and no longer work in a job that I have no passion for or is detrimental to my health. To make every effort to achieve my goals instead of putting it off and indulging in excessive meaningless entertainment such as games and television. To acquire the skills to attract a meaningful relationship in my life. Telling myself that I am able to achieve my goals instead of saying no and don’t take any actions at all. *Not set in stone and will be updated when necessary*

This blog is for entertainment purposes only and it should not be taken as any professional advice. I am not a financial professional and please use your discretion when making decisions.

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