101 Things to Do When You Are Financially Free

101 Life Changing Things to Do When You're Financially Free

101 Life Changing Things to Do When You’re Financially Free

Have you ever thought about what you would want to do after you reach financial freedom?

Becoming financially free is no easy task and it will require hard work. However, having a dream will help keep you motivated and committed to your journey.

I thought it would be fun to compile a list of things you can do when you become financially free. The possibilities are endless and here are 101 dreams (that I would love to do myself) to get you started if you haven’t thought about it yet:

  1. Start a charity for something you believe in
  2. Go on a 1 year humanitarian mission in a 3rd world country
  3. Visit and explore all 196 countries
  4. Run for mayor or become a politician
  5. Purchase a yacht and sail across the Mediterranean
  6. Donate money towards a health research facility
  7. Go on an expedition to save endangered animals
  8. Own a personal jet and fly wherever you want
  9. Start a beach front business
  10. Build your dream home over raw acres of land
  11. Buy a forest and learn survival techniques first hand
  12. Start a personal finance school for young children
  13. Own a cabin by the lake and go fishing in your own backyard
  14. Take professional music lessons from the best
  15. Bike across the country, stopping by all the major cities
  16. Start up your own 24/7 restaurant
  17. Create your own clothing line
  18. Go on a 6 months ski trip through the Himalaya, Vermont, Alaska & New Zealand
  19. Surf on the coast of Indonesia, Tahiti, Hawaii & Mexico
  20. Learn to pilot a helicopter and trek through the mountains in Sweden
  21. Meet and have dinner with the president or prime minister
  22. Fund and own an animal shelter
  23. Collect and trade exquisite paintings
  24. Purchase a sailboat and go sailboat racing
  25. Start jogging and run a 500 mile marathon
  26. Get in shape and become a gym rat
  27. Fly across the world in a hot air balloon
  28. Ride all the rollercoasters in the world
  29. Stay in a 5 star hotel and order lots of room service
  30. Go scuba diving in the beautiful coast of British Columbia
  31. Go white water rafting in the Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers in Alaska & the Grand Canyons
  32. Cross the Great Victoria Desert
  33. Start a photography blog and take one interesting photo every day for an entire year
  34. Master Sudoku and join a tournament
  35. Learn a new language
  36. Take a cooking class and learn how to make all your favourite meals
  37. Climb Mount Everest and K2
  38. Commit to finding your soul mate (if you haven’t already)
  39. Meet and have dinner with an influential personal development mentor
  40. Follow the tour of your favourite band
  41. Pack a bag, throw a coin on a map and fly to the country it landed on
  42. Become the captain of your own cruise ship
  43. Go golfing across the world’s best courses
  44. Whisk off to Italy for pizza on the first date
  45. Visit the pyramids in Egypt on a camel
  46. Go on a month long meditation retreat in the mountains
  47. Cross off all the movies/TV shows/anime on your “to watch list”
  48. Reconnect with the friends you have lost touch with and have a huge BBQ in your backyard
  49. Go on a road trip across the United States and Canada
  50. Embark on a hunt for treasures underwater and on land
  51. Build or invest in your own hotel
  52. Take care of and raise over 50 different kind of fishes in your 500 gallon aquarium
  53. Move to a foreign country for a year
  54. Train to swim across lake Ontario
  55. Go on a 1,500 mile hike through Alaska & Yukon
  56. Learn how to brew beer and get good at it
  57. Buy a jet pack
  58. Explore and camp at the great wall of China
  59. Create a bucket list and cross them off one by one
  60. Publish a book about personal finance
  61. Buy a telescope, stargaze and identify 15 constellations
  62. Visit the most ancient and remote cities in Asia on a private plane
  63. Travel to a deserted island and try to survive for a week without bringing any food or water
  64. Build a go kart track in your home
  65. Go on one date per week for an entire year (for singles only)
  66. Earn a black belt in a martial art
  67. Party with a celebrity
  68. Go on a road trip through route 66
  69. Start your own formula one racing team
  70. Go swimming with sharks
  71. Become a motivational speaker
  72. Invent the first flying car
  73. Take some acting classes and be an extra on your favourite TV show
  74. Build your own skyscraper as the headquarters of your finance endeavours with your office being the entire top floor
  75. Enroll in a high stake poker tournament
  76. Volunteer full time for 6 months at a hospital
  77. Bungee jump in every continent
  78. License a private booth with a full food and drink service at your favourite sport team’s stadium
  79. Trek through the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan
  80. Conquer your fears (insects, heights, snakes,etc.)
  81. Cross country ski to the South Pole
  82. Go on a 3 month safari trip in Africa
  83. Write a review for 5000 restaurants on Yelp
  84. Purchase your own mini island and getaway whenever you feel like it
  85. Build an underground bunker in case of a zombie apocalypse
  86. Purchase your dream classic car
  87. See the northern lights in 5 different countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland & Canada)
  88. Train for and cycle the tour de France
  89. Go on a technology detox for 3 months
  90. Embark on a 10,000 mile Kayak trip in Sydney, Australia
  91. Visit all 50 states and take a picture at the borders
  92. Make a new friend in each continent
  93. Skydive in 10 different countries (Switzerland, Nepal, New Zealand, Italy, Hawaii…)
  94. Explore and survive the Antarctica
  95. Learn to appreciate wine and collect the best in your 300 square foot cellar basement
  96. Visit 5 different volcanoes across the world
  97. Build a park over 10 acres of land and name if after yourself
  98. Form an entourage
  99. Become a vigilante with a top secret base
  100. Don’t quit your day job (only if you love what you are doing)

To be honest, I never thought I could get to 101! What are some of the things you would love to do when you reach financial freedom?

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